Saturday, September 03, 2011

Street Food:

In Malaysia, street food is as good as those expensive restaurants. Sometimes street food is even better than some of the restaurants. It is cheap and quick, you can just eat the way you wanted to eat
This scene is well sought by tourist because of the price and it culturally connects them with the people. I remember coming to Malaysia for the first time, during our lunch break, I will join the locals and have lunch with them in a street restaurants something you will hardly do if you are in Manila. Of course, in Makati, there are jeepney stores but it is now regulated with sanitation permit and with uniform. Here it was hmmm the usual street vendor with monoblock chairs and the way they clean their table is totally insane. They have a cloth to wipe the table then drop all the table rubbish on the floor. If its in Manila, the waiter will catch the dirt on his/her other hand.

The food is great and the price is also good. It is only in Malaysia where you can eat a full meal for a minimum of four ringgit that is about less than 50 pesos.

Protest : Rally: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The protest reminds of the days when I was still a student activist. The only difference is that there are more people in a student rally than what I witnessed here. It was few and not enough to command political majority.

Also in a few shots of tear gas, the protesters dispersed all over the place, making the rally short.

If it was in Manila, most likely the tear gas will be hurdled back to the police and protesters will stay until more people have come to join.

To have a successful rally, the people should not only have the conviction but also the ideology to push thru a revolutionary change. Which I do not think this people has what it takes to be an activist.