Monday, September 22, 2008

Eternity Becomes Our Lifetime

Coming to a dawn of changes. To changes that leads to a new picture of life. A new landscape of tomorrow. Then my  hour becomes a preparation of a new lifetime. 
Everything is a moment of unexpected change but never the less it is a dream that is in my mind for a long time. Now,it was coming true right in front of me and in front of the world.  I now feel that I belong to someone  and someone belongs to me. A future special  angel will  make us as one and bind us together forever, till eternity and till many generations from now on will be one.

I found the greatest treasure that I hope for a long time and almost  feared of not finding too.Now it is here.I just have to grab it  lightly and tightly keep it till eternity.I will never let go and always filling my heart and mind in every second of the day with my new reality. This is my treasure and anyone can admire. But I will always guard it  with my life and under the protective blanket of my love.For no one can ever take them away from me. My soul will never forget to continue loving her and my future child. Deep inside nothing else fills my moment except what I can give and share with them and do for them.

I am excited to see the new life that will make the greatest change in my tomorrow and give me a total purpose of my existence. Welcoming the change with  gladness to share and have it with the person who has been with me for 14 years of friendship and now a lifetime of romance and friendship.

Two Words - Lea Salonga

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Makes Travel Memorable?

Travel is one of the best time to have bonding with friends or family. Somehow for some cases it could be a big hit or a big bust. I remember doing mountain climbing with our local mountain climbing group. 

The mountain we went to was one of the most frequently visited mountain we went to. Like this is our R and R destination. Yet there are times when it was really a dull moment. But one of our trips in this mountain became a most memorable one. 

The mountain is not really one of those virgin forest neither it has something unique to offer. It was half denuded mountain. It was terribly hot in the morning because it was right next to an open ocean. At night it was a cold and  windy mountain.

Then in one of our trips when  old timers and new members of the mountaineering  club conglomerate to this mountain. It was really fun. We acted like real free birds flying over the horizon with gusto. We cooked the best food that we ever had on a mountain. We never got drunk but we had the best laugh. 

On our way down, we had the most wonderful feeling we ever had on the mountain. One of my fellow moutain climber even made a comment. That this mountain is really nice. I looked back. It is half denuded due to illegal logging. It was hot and nothing spectacular to offer. But it was the spirit of camaderie that made this mountain special. As I looked back I saw my friends coming down, both old and new friends, and the night we all had. I saw the mountain in a different light.The mountain has more colors. The hot weather became warm as a human body surrounding me with a lot of friendship. The mountain became the mountain of friendship and not just another mountain to climb but a mountain full of memories. 

Since that time, everytime I travel. I see to it I travel with the person or people I really like and love. I can travel with a complete stranger but the chemistry has to be there. We have to hit the spark in each one of us. This makes those bad times or those unplanned circumstances an experience worth laughing about in the future. Every minute is worth remembering.It is not always the destination that makes a trip special,its always the people who travel with you. It has to be someone whom you really like.The destination and the places are just instrumenta
l that adds climax to a trip. Remember that in the movie, music enhances the scene and the backdrop makes the scene more intense yet it is the emotions of the characters that makes you feel the whole story.  In travelling it is the same, its the human soul that makes a trip really special.

So go travel only with people you only like, people who share the same interest with you or someone who has that good chemistry with you. Otherwise, its like you already have a trip close to a doomed holiday.Best is to travel with someone you truly love.That is the most romantic and the best travel plan ever to have.

You people know what I mean.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Para sa iyo

Minsan tayo ay nangarap na lang ng kung ano ano.Minsan tumatanaw ng malayo dahil sa pangarap. Minsan nating pinangarap ay inakalang nakamtan na. Minsan maraming pinagdaanan nating pagsubok. Minsan ang puso natin ay nalugmok na sa lungkot at hapdi. Minsan nating naramdaman pero nauulit pa rin. Minsan iniisip natin na may pagkakataon pa ba.Minsan ating nakalimutan na ang hapdi pero bumabalik pa rin paulit ulit nanaman. Minsan ang pangarap noon minsan inakalang nakamit eto naman minsanang pinapangarap pa rin.Minsan nagiisip kung kailan na talaga ang minsan ay maging parati na lang.

Sa katitingin sa malayo at sa paghananap.Di natin natatanaw ang malapit. Ano pa ang makikita sa malapit eh madalas parati na lang nakikita. Pero yon nga parati na lang nakikita.Parati ang pangarap ko di minsanan lang.Kaya ang pagtanaw ko sa malayo ay naging silip sa malapit. Sa isang malapit na sa aking puso noon pa man.Isang minsan ko na ring pinangarap pero natakot. Eto sya parati na lang sa puso ko,pero minsan ko lang isipin na maging parati sa puso ko dahil nahihiya. Nagdadalawang isip dahil sya ang taong ayokong maging minsan lang sa buhay ko pero gusto ko sya na maging parati na lang sa buhay.Kaya hinayaan kong magbigay limot na pangarapin sya at hagkan na sobra.

Pero ang parati ay palaging nandyan,parati nasa puso. Bakit ko pa gagawing minsan. Eto sya doctora ng puso ko. Eto sya di na minsan sa buhay ko. Eto sya parati na sa puso ko bilang pag ibig.Eto sya habang buhay na sa aking puso.Eto ka at eto ako.. parati na lang magmamahalan.