Monday, September 22, 2008

Eternity Becomes Our Lifetime

Coming to a dawn of changes. To changes that leads to a new picture of life. A new landscape of tomorrow. Then my  hour becomes a preparation of a new lifetime. 
Everything is a moment of unexpected change but never the less it is a dream that is in my mind for a long time. Now,it was coming true right in front of me and in front of the world.  I now feel that I belong to someone  and someone belongs to me. A future special  angel will  make us as one and bind us together forever, till eternity and till many generations from now on will be one.

I found the greatest treasure that I hope for a long time and almost  feared of not finding too.Now it is here.I just have to grab it  lightly and tightly keep it till eternity.I will never let go and always filling my heart and mind in every second of the day with my new reality. This is my treasure and anyone can admire. But I will always guard it  with my life and under the protective blanket of my love.For no one can ever take them away from me. My soul will never forget to continue loving her and my future child. Deep inside nothing else fills my moment except what I can give and share with them and do for them.

I am excited to see the new life that will make the greatest change in my tomorrow and give me a total purpose of my existence. Welcoming the change with  gladness to share and have it with the person who has been with me for 14 years of friendship and now a lifetime of romance and friendship.

Two Words - Lea Salonga