Friday, January 02, 2009

Dear Oprah

I was inspired by an episode in Oprah that made me write this blog. The episode was about a young lady who in her teens wrote a letter to Oprah but did not get the chance to send it. Instead this young girl put music in her letter and sang it in a subway.

It was not the music that inspired me but her story of persistence and without giving up on hope. Although the music was good and even the lyrics, but it was the story of the singer that made the music even richer than it sounds.

I saw the episode on the night that will be the last day I will ever feel normal.The next day I received an email from my cousin. My cousin is asking me to call her up and it was very important. I thought, it was some emergency at home. My heart then was beating so fast and immediately called my mother. Then she told me that our loan, which my girlfriend and I took a few months ago remains to be unpaid; after a few months when the loan was taken. I was surprised because I was sending my share and a few days before that I just sent her the whole payment for that month. My mommy calmed me down told me that my girlfriend may have an important reason for not paying on time. What made it even worse; my good girlfriend never told me about the delay and also she was leaving for the United States that time.

It was on a thursday. I tried to call her thru her handphone as always when she does not need anything; calling her cellphone is like dialling Santa Claus' phone. It was like an imaginary phone line.When she needed something from you, it was like hot and ready like a Batcave's private line.Ready to roll and be answered in single ring. Even the time when my mother needed an advise on medicine; my girlfriend being a doctor was suppose to be ready to answer phone calls and specially from an almost in-law. As expected- it was unanswered, come to think of it. What if there was an emergency and needed her approval for one of her patients. Guess, the patient would have died waiting for her medical instructions.

She cheated me once and she did it again. This time it reconfirms my gut feeling about her insincerity. Bad part of it was that she included my family in the mess. Now, the bank will sue me and my family who are co-signatories but she is left without any accountabilities.
Update March 21,2009
I lost my touch on my writing skills as my emotions took the better part of me as a writer. Now, I am re-editing my blog and put some order. As I am beginning to see the benefits of blogging to win against depression. I am beginning to see order also where I should have them. I am blogging again.