Monday, September 27, 2004

Taking Off

When you take a plane,one should always know that the most critical part of flying is the landing and taking off. This is the part when the human skills and the machine has to be synchronized and be one. It is critical that the pilot focus the attention to every movement of the plane during take off otherwise a single mistake can be dangerous. So, dangerous that it can alter the lives of many people.

In life,it is not once that we fall from mistakes and pain. That feeling of failure and pain is resurrected more than dracula has resurrected from the dead in horror books and movies. In each resurrection a new beginning takes place. So,much like humans, resurrecting in every fall that we make.

The taking off is critical. The launch pad should be prepared to make a blast off.
Blast off that is big enough to erase the past. A spectacle so enormous that the past is kept under the bridge and thrown to oblivion.

After a long relationship with an intimacy so intense and so pure.Breaking this bond
will be like breaking mother earth in to pieces. Indeed,this is how it felt like. A price for staying away from one another,as both seeks better future.

The long wait is to make everything memorable about the broken relationship to be forgotten. So,a take off has to be prepared.An enormous blast off is imminent.It must be bigger than expected. The whole thing was made bigger by the fact that there is one candidate for launching that take off. No other target can be identified.No other target can be acquired except for that single girl. The choice was made and now that girl will aide in the taking off.

to be continued....

Sunday, September 26, 2004


It was the usual sunday in the office. Nothing much to do but to kill time. Tried to call almost everyone I can call. I almost called the police station and the fire station just to have someone to talked with. The members of the Thai team are so quiet in their work stations and I am the only member of the Philippine team in the office. I asked my very good friend Tet about blog, I saw her blog and told myself -I should have my own.

The whole blog reminds me of the DOUGIE HOWSER M.D. series when I was very young. Dougie would write something on his computer at the end of the show, much like an electronic diary back then it was just amber or paper white monitor. Blog is very much like it, for sure I will enjoy every minute that will consume my time doing this.

Now, that I have my own public diary which everyone can see. It will be a genesis of my new past time. A genesis of a chronology of my malaysian life. What will be interesting about this part is having someone actually reading all of this. I wonder who would be interested.

So, the adventure begins........(i am back in to writing,i may not win awards or get paid like it used to be in least i am back scribbling something from my faculty...)