Saturday, January 28, 2006

Maturing One

It think it is inherent to some people to say something negative to almost everyone. One of the traits these people manifest is the ego-centric and self righteous personality. Hidden beneath their being a control or manipulative characters.They always want to think that they know better than others. It was easy for them to judge situations , there is no cure to this kind of personalities. No need to even be serious with their friendships.You just exist with them while they are there,no need to remember them in the future.

I know one of my acquiantances here in my adopted country has that character. The all knowing but judgmental personalities. Her boyish type of personality tried to create a being that is superior but in the end really she has not matured. She find it funny but to some people she is really irritating. That even her closest friend for a long time even told me that this girl always has something to say against someone. At first I do not believe her or say I was reluctant to believe only to find out that she was right. There is no one or any other person good for her point of view. She keeps on judging people without let up. That is why she is sick most of the time. Guess, that is the result of her actions and comments against people. Up to this time, I am not comfortable being with her. Deep inside she is not really a true friend.

I would even find one of her so much dislike former friends to be likeable for being straight forward. She is never a straight forward person. She hides in some cloak that they are friends but actually she has kept some dark side inside. She says a lot to people.

There is still a kid in her. I do not think liking her for long term will be ok. Her concern for you is more of judgmental not sincere concern.I guess it is useless to make her a long term friend.

If she can treat her long term friends that way.How much more to new people she met.She still manage to impose her mentality to weaker friends that she has. For me, I see her as a person who existed while I am in my adopted country. Not as a friend.

She needs to grow up.She needs to mature.