Sunday, February 15, 2009

It Comes In Boxes

Boxes are full of surprises. One of the boxes in my life is knowing that the girl who was my best friend for 14 years and my girlfriend for a short while, gave me the biggest box of my life. It was even wrapped in a beautiful white scrub suit, making it a smart looking box. The box is big and heavy. The situation made me excited and wants to open the box.

In the tradition of pandora box, once you open the box. She made the biggest biggest surprise I had in my entire life and that is not knowing her well after all those years of friendships. That surprise is bigger than the box itself and can not be returned to the box because it would not fit anymore. It was so big and will eventually last for my entire lifetime just to imagine the size.

Only a week after she came to the country where I am an expatriate. I called her like the usual time and someone answered the phone. After I heard a voice of a male answered the phone. I was surprised. So, I asked for my girlfriend. The male voice answered and started to speak on the top of his voice telling me that my girlfriend is his girlfriend too. It was like hell opened up and lead Satan to the ground and used my girlfriend's cellphone. The whole situation sounded like a fire breathing dragon shouting and looking for a fight over a mate. It was only very natural for an animal looking for a mate to act in such manner. For a human being, it is not natural and uncivilized. Guess, the aboriginal instinct of this guy got in to him and even told me that I looked like a comedian from my home country and told me I am so ugly. He was really looking for a fight.I did not attend to it because I am a reasonable person and uses more of my breeding than my animal instinct.I just waited for my girlfriend to call me instead. To Be Continued...