Saturday, November 13, 2004

pink flower

I always wished for someone like a flower in full bloom to be with
but I found her a bit late.She is so cute. Looking at her is like looking at the most wonderful angel on earth .

Have you seen that little wonderful ,almost perfect, too good to be true,so feel great little dolls on top of the birthday cakes and wedding cakes.Her presence if not most of the time is like that.She makes me feel good.

All the time we spent together; in every minute and second is the only exact and definite reality of happy moments I have here in my new adopted country.That may last only in a few hours and minutes but it was a moment to cherish.I am sure what she is to me,a girl to be my inspiration and a friend. For me, every moment is important and I will remember every second of it.

She inspires me all through out. She is a friend indeed, who never stop caring. A friend who never stop looking at your welfare. A friend who is always true and always a perfect friend.