Saturday, October 23, 2004

Some people.....

In this one big planet we are all created equal. Equal in the sense that each have a certain ability to contribute to the planet’s progressive growth. As each creature has this genius unique to himself, a faculty and skills that will create the person’s character and personality.

Admittedly, as one person is not perfect we see differences. Sad to say, even a basic comprehension to letters and literature seems to be distorted by an intellectually challenge person - that interpretation of a particular thought in a message is distorted.Evidence that we are indeed different from one another. This is more obvious in some people who exhibit this lack or limited faculty to comprehend. As a result of this inability, that person does not mature easily to the norms of a normal world. What is wrong maybe right for that person because there is no way for that person to compare right from wrong. We just have to extend pity to this person. According to this person’s unique environment and brain he is right. Sometimes, even if he knew he is wrong deep inside his ego would cheat his mind to express his weird character and an attitude full of conceit.

Then people unleash characters that resemble a prehistoric personality of the mind. When logic is blown to oblivion, this individual becomes unwittingly or wittingly nuissance and barbaric parasites in co-existing with people.Devouring everything that can be consumed and anything that gives opportunity to take advantage of another person to the detriment of another being.They are like vampires, who bleeds others to survive. They are even worse because they also think of themselves as righteous.

They create a different world, a very different world. A confined world; where they see only their need and greatness but never the need of others. They are inconsiderate and because they are inconsiderate they are ungrateful. They do not see the past, what they only see is what they need at the moment. Ungrateful people are neither worth a penny nor a second to spare. Now, they have isolated themselves from people. This is best for them, for a while or in a large part of their diurnal existence they have a phantom of their own world. It may not be a bliss that you may call but a sublimity of their own selfish fantasy.Their own fantasy... America, America, that is all what we hear. Just to give emphasis to the migration they will always squeeze it in between topics.No matter how irrelevant. What a wonderful way to tell people, we are going to America.” We are somebody”. They will utter that whenever we discuss things with them.Pity,they do not know how to live a life and to co-exist.They should have stayed in the mountains where they rightfully belong.I pity America,if they come to inhabit the land of milk and honey.They can spoil the milk.Good thing honey does not spoil.

(a reply I made to one person who think of himself as a mini-god in the office with a wife made of bubbles and fats)