Saturday, October 23, 2004


The paradoxes of life is being in a place you least want to be present yet only to find out that it would be something of a grace wrap in that very paradoxes. What I thought before as ironically difficult remains to be difficult yet I remember that I always managed to go beyond that reality and distance my troubles away.

Here in a foreign land and in a culturally different nation, I found some spice not only in food but also in life. I saw a purpose that meant so much to me, a sort of closure that I cannot grasp from where I came from. I became what I really wanted in life. Freed from memory of abhor mockery of existence. When at a time “my own choice” was not a word in the house anymore. It was a struggle to reach out even to my nearest kin for our thoughts and goals to have a covenant on how to outline my very own future.

Ironically, those were also my greatest fears and at the same time my yearning. To be away from my family because all my life I was held up by the neck. They were breathing on my ears what I should have in life, from the girl to the clothes I will wear. The only thing it does not matter to them is how I become financially productive.

I was a great grandson of a Dona (pronounce as donya). A title given to Spanish landlady or the rich and famous. Well, as they say, the second generation keeps the family wealth, the third generation waste it to bankruptcy and the fourth generation suffer the lack of that wealth. Well, I can never miss something I never had. I am from that fourth generation.

Only thing that I know is that I have to exist and get my self a decent life. Hard work and perseverance will get me to where I always wanted to go. Making it my final destination, then I will take a rest. Now being away, gives me a different perspective in life and that is to be someone capable of contributing to the community. Politics is never part of the plan; the plan is to make use of the talent Allah gave me. This way my existence is a living testimony that I was made for a purpose. I want to do that by writing in the most honest and sincerest for people to be entertained and learn something. Going to school is not the only means of education, reading can make the complicated easier and the empty be filled to the fullest. Street smart are better than having someone with a doctorate degree when managing people. Sometimes it is also a matter of common sense and innate goodness that delivers the best part of life.

In my travels and my acquaintances with people from different places equipped me to have a first hand experience with interesting people, places and even gather the most trivial facts. It does not have to be a celebrity to be interesting. All it takes is to be true to reality.