Saturday, October 23, 2004

Breathe of Life

A million cells swam and met the egg that created a new creature nine months later.
Keeping the form of the old ruling class of the planet. Taking an ancient composition of flesh and blood. A creature with hands so fragile to hold anything and a sight sensitive to see beyond the bright light. Comes a new individual wanting to squeeze within the space and time loaned to every being temporarily living on this planet

Decades went on and consumed the essence of existence. As time and space, became witness to nurturing life. In every full circle of the man made human cycle of date and time ,we engage ourselves in a celebration of life. A moment which leads to reminisce the cooler side of years, the brighter days of success and the challenging times as a learning experience.

Beyond the youthful time of being the lone communist believing in the Omniscience
. My adolescence period became a stage of learning how to love and fall a part. As an adult believing and achieving was the primary goal of life. Loving which has always been an epitome of existence had given me a sour and sweet share. Life is full of wisdom, which led me to the understand the dynamics of life better. Learned to be with anyone with ease or with tolerance and patience.

They say change is the only thing constant on this planet. I say that age is the only thing on this planet that seems to be growing bigger constantly and making it beyond a mere numerical representation of a human cycle. It is suppose to be an evidence of a nurtured humanity and sensibility.

Three decades later, I try to examine and look not at how much I have monetarily achieved and made a corporate move successful. A step forward, I have not made much dent to the sea of supposedly a replica of the Omnipotent. Making humanity and sensibility a benchmark of how I have made my diurnal existence as an adorned delirium or a festooned of ass-kicking achiever. Poured a serious look at my soul, there is so much pain I have not found a home to keep myself from cold and feeling old. For the only time a man can feel his old age when it cheats itself to the realities and to the emotions bestowed to me by others. I felt sad and thought I have not only violated myself but also those people who were in my past. Then I am old. As long as my life is attached to the ground and my senses can feel the presence of other souls I am not old. If I have achieved something great like say love, promotion or something so significant then the new circle of life should be celebrated always to personally reward itself for the achievement, if not plan again never give up and attain what must be given an attention. No celebration if things screw up.

There was a moment when I was drowned to a wisdom created by inferiority and ridicule my very own sensibility. I made a move to reverberate the human within and make a soul constantly coveting how to improve not only the material wealth but also to woe graces of love, friendship and whatever completes a man.

Again a full circle of my life is closing a gap and add it to three decades of my time.
I can only think of one thing…that is more valuable than anything on planet…GRACE