Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Inner Light

Sometimes we looked at a person we see the face to be full of light. A beauty that is not based on physical looks but something that you feel and transcend beyond the flesh. You can feel calm and peace when this person is around. That is something not every pretty face possess.

Seeing a person like this is not that often specially among adults. When domestic chaos is very common and financial problems seems to be making life even harder. Somehow the person who possess this quality despite the difficulties manage to manifest the light.

An aura that will warm your soul and consciousnes. The feeling of calm and inner peace is felt. The mere presence of the person makes you smile. It is more than having a lover or someone you love right beside you, the feeling is a universal emotion that embraces all the goodness of life.

Reminding me one night, when I was in a difficult moment. I was worrying so much that prayer seems to be the only hope. Grace is what I needed at that time, nothing more will be enough to make me feel with ease. I prayed hard enough and opened the bible saw there the name of an angel Raphael. Out of nowhere I prayed and meditated on the angel's nice story in the old book. Raphael is a healer,so, I asked him to heal what is troubling me show me a sign that God heard my prayer.

I was in bed at that time, having some difficult moment with a lot of things and a fever. When all of a sudden I felt, the left part of my bed was submerged. As if someone was seated. I opened my eyes and saw a very bright light. An illumination that was unexplainable. At that moment I felt a different sense of peace and calm. Something so divine and pure, it was a moment I can not forget. I saw a pure being in light,seated beside me. In a short moment, I thank angel Raphael for visiting me.I knew it was him, for he was holding a small sling bag and a fish. Exactly how the old book describe how he healed and showed compassion to a person. My small room was filled with light.Then I closed my eyes, it was gone. That night I felt peace and assurance that my prayers are heard.
I knew it was not a dream because no imagination or human sense can duplicate that feeling.It was definitely sublime.

Even among people,we sometimes feel the presence of people with an inner light personality. Recently, I visited my home country. I met new friends and one lady was seated from a distance. I knew the minute I entered the room,that there is someone in the room with that personality. Then as I approached her, the light is felt and even without looking straight to her, I knew she was the one. A person's goodness is sometimes felt specially the one with pure intentions and heart. You do not need to be an angel or a saint. Sometimes, a person's aura is felt right at that moment when you are sensitive enough to feel it.

I know it occured to you before that a person seems to have the personality that is so light, it makes you feel at ease and happy when you are around with that person. Not having any emotional relations or having a sexual relations, it is just a pure friendship or sometimes just an ordinary acquiantance. Deep inside you feel the person's aura all throughout the goodness is felt deep in our soul. No need for some extra powers to feel it , as human we can feel it. The divinity of a human soul is something we can all feel. Just what I felt, the feeling is always heaven.