Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sometimes Destiny Is Really Magical

One morning you just woke up without anything in mind. You took a bath,dressed up and walked to the bus station.It is very common to see people tired and impatiently waiting at the bus station.The bus,in our little township was never on time.Luck smiled at me that day.I saw a young lady.She look smart and a fine woman at that.She is tall for a chinese lady.The first time I saw her,I admired her already for her cute face.I do not remember what we talked about.I can recall there was a conversation about something.Then after a while the bus came.The bus was like an invitation for a trip to heaven,we all rushed to get in.I sat behind her. We took the same train going to Kuala Lumpur.When we reached kl sentral,I told myself there goes the pretty lady.On my way home.I saw her again.Still I do not have the courage to talk to her.

The next day,I thought of going to KUALA LUMPUR a little late than the usual.At the bus station,I saw her again.Then that night too I saw her again at the Putrajaya station.

The third time,I have to go to Kuala Lumpur early to meet someone.To my suprise,the tall and pretty lady was there again.I can not help, but to start a conversation.I asked her,about the time of the bus.She responded then I asked her if she is a student.We took the same bus again,we never stopped talking.We took the same train and talked some more.Remembering,that she will go to KLCC to review her notes and go to a seminar on some investment opportunities. This time,I knew there was no way for us to meet again on the way home.

The next day, I saw her again at the bus stop. I now know her name and handphone number.Talked became better and we are now at ease with one another;from then on,we became good friends.She is really nice.As what some people said in her friendster,she is a caring friend...well,she is and I never thought,I will find someone like her.Knowing her is like being a winner.Having someone sincere and honest is better than winning a sweepstakes.She can really win your heart for she is indeed a special angel pretending to be an ordinary beautiful woman.She is unselfish and sensible too.

There is a reason for everything.We just have to find out what destiny have for us. On the occasions that I met her consecutively were unplanned.I am sure all of those were not a mere coincidences.There are thousands of people in our town and not in any of that meetings,happened on the same hour of the day.I can not explain it neither put logic in to it.It was way beyond my finite comprehension.Best that I leave it that way.Mysterious and intriguing but never short of understanding and caring,for our friendship is really full of understanding and caring now.

Only time can tell the purpose of our meeting at the magical bus stop.