Saturday, March 19, 2005

Flowers That Melts IN Your Heart and Not In Your Hand

Every time I watch a movie or a TV program, they always smell the flowers that the characters receive. Funny, how they would smell the rose and say it smells so sweet. Although, some flowers smell sweet, most of the flowers that are popularly given does not have any distinct sweet scent that will linger in to our nostril.

Flowers are really intriguing, imagine it expresses a lot and gives a lot of emotional rush to anyone who receives. Personally, I enjoy giving flowers. Somehow, I have to make a category, on why I am generously sharing it. First for me, it is an expression of how I feel. Second, it is a symbol of gratitude. Thirdly, it is for aesthetic reason.

The most popular way of giving flowers would be three roses or anything in three.I give flowers to someone and if it comes in three. It would only mean one thing; not only " I LOVE YOU", it gives a symbolic message of "huh". What is a "huh"? For example, let us say, that girl is someone I truly adore and really like, for some reason, a reservation is present in my mind. Thinking that, you are deep in my heart yet on top of my mind. Calculating the risk and the repercussion it will make when I pursue this. Even if that girl turns me down, the impact will not be so much that I will commit suicide. It is something like I love you and let us see what happens next, if things work out fine.

A bunch of flowers. They come in half a dozen or a dozen, in bouquet, in pots, in any medium and boxes. This way also, I express that ultimate gratitude for being there all the time. A bunch of flowers is a symbol of being in the fullness of life. So, I can give this to a mother, grandmother or a friend. A bunch of flowers also symbolizes the richness of my emotion, it also meant;" I want to get you as soon as possible". For some people, it is a way of impressing on you that this thing is expensive and he is buying you this stuff because he wants to buy you too. Though, the currency may not be money but a bunch of flowers. They say it is only during courtship though. For me, I will not give this until there is already a commitment, I will give a bunch of flowers because being with that girl completes me and enriching my purpose of existence.

One rose. That one single cheap looking rose is worth more than a dime or a penny. A single rose expresses that singular emotion that this person is truly one of a kind. Not having a second thought or doubt, that you are the one deep in the heart. One that makes a person in the sublime state of being in love. One that inspires and motivates. The love will be shared only with no one else, except to that One person. A fragile care is given to that One person, because there is no one else to care for except that special One. Without lies or conceit, the one stem rose is truly a symbol of a true love in motion. There are no number two or number three, just One. A single rose says that you are the one only. A single rose is a powerful symbol of TRUE LOVE.

Another thing, a flower gives that nice feeling of beauty. When you see flowers in your house or anywhere it gives you that warmth and a lovely ambiance. Especially fresh flowers,it gives that sophisticated and romantic atmosphere.

The giving of flowers is another medium of expression same as any form of art would be. It speaks a thousand words. It talks in different languages. It is a fad that has been running for centuries. Sharing it transcends beyond cultures and boundaries. Every time you receive flowers, it touches your heart more than your hand. As I would say, it melts in your heart and not in your hand.