Saturday, June 04, 2005

A small country, A small president

A power is not in the hands of the ruler but in the hands of the follower. If a follower continues to acknowledge that power, it will continue to be a slave to the incompetent leader. Let us say, if we continue to stay quiet and we continue to be filled with fear then the very power that we hate will continue to reign. It is only, by continually being meek in the claws of a tyrant that it will continue to enslave us. If silence will prevail, there will never be a balance of respect for rule. A leader then becomes a tyrant knowing that no one will oppose.

In a democracy, the rulers and the rules are supposed to be insecure. It is suppose to be continually balancing the power of the majority and the minority. The rules are to be dynamically given a shrewd makeover if needed to address present needs. For the rules and rulers are human being prone to make mistake, in order to rectify the error, the basic concept of a democracy is change. Change that is progressive and the essence of truth is present.

Yes, truth and facts are suppose to be present in a democracy. Transparency of the facts and the truth. Unfortunately, in our era the same truth are sometimes hidden and push to be a political truth. A political truth is the make believe facts and given a self-serving interpretation.A manipulated facts instead of letting what actually transpired conclude by itself. Truth is made to have a twisted end or truth becomes a fictional scenario.

In some case, a killing becomes a murder instead of homicide because of the premeditated aspect of the crime. So, in democracy a hidden truth -a political truth sometimes is a premeditated "make believe" truth. It is almost similar to murdering democracy. As such people becomes a victim of murder. Murdered subjects of the state. Oftentimes,the present government will always put blame on the enemies. A convenient way to redemption. Since it is a make believe story telling,even the redemption is also a make believe.Then it becomes so theatrical that the government is now an entertainment.Now this validates why we have so many entertainers and media people in the government.The government is now an everyday opera.

Our state now exist for a few and the privilege. A state that retains the obsolete rule of aristocracy and tyrant rulers.They want to remember the era of the kings and queens for the powers it had once.They want the same absolute power.Power that makes them feels like an infinite head of state.A royalty of sorts.When they should remember that an elected official,like them should serve and not to be served.It is the public interest that should be given that royal treatment. For an elected official is a servant of the people and not a master.

In my country right now, it is sad that political truth is destroying the fiber of our society. We lose the other bad apple only to be replaced by another bad apple. This time learning the mistakes of the deposed bad apple, it dances without direction. It does not comfort good state governance but it comforts the allegiance of corrupt allies. Whatever fits in the agenda of the gang will be sufficient. It may not be efficient but it does the job for the moment. Well, that is good enough for a ridiculous administration. Serving the public for selfish gains. The eye is blind and the ear is deaf.To the warlords and the power broker that managed to acquire some political patronage wager.While the mind of the administration is thinking on how to extend the reign.Also looking in to fall guys when the presidency would slide in to a slippery situation.While guarding potential enemies and the current nemesis.To also "minimize" anyone that comes in to their way. They want more years to rule.To rule further is to receive more or we should say to pocket more.

Our country is small. Our president is small. Yet, our resources are huge and tall. Yet, we keep on faltering and in silence my country is weakened. The spirit of fear rules us. The spirit of despotency is evident in the masses mind. Why? The simple explanation is that; my small country has a small president that does not deliver result but delivers the message of ultimate power. Power that can be seen from a distance. Power that intimidates anyone who opposes her. She hides the apparent truth, replacing it with a propaganda. A campaign which the people can feel as insincere and made for her own convenience.They are pushing some political truth so hard that it bounces back to their face. Sometimes, it was so amateur that the people who have matured politically in to this type of movement of facts can only laugh.To pocket that laughter, the administration subliminally express that they are in power. They make it a point to show that power is in their hand. So,opposition better back off or else.

Time for my small country to have the enormous resources of minds to brave the streets again. The power of the state is not as big as it is manifesting. The power of the people is bigger than the power of state. No power is big, unless the people continue to be a slave to fear. To eradicate fear, will mean a heart able to stand with a noble intention to bring forth the real government for people.

I want that fear to go away. I want someone to go away. I want democracy to be back.