Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Being of Deception

A birthday is always a good experience. As a person gets older, one find it important to celebrate their natal day in the most unique and memorable activity. For me, in of one my birthdays while in college; a climb in one of the most beautiful mountains was the most memorable. As a mountain climber it was really very personal.

Organizing a party of really close friends of climbers from different schools will require a detailed planning. Well, we made an itinenary that is the shortest and unwritten. ETA at jump off point is at 7am, ETA at peak will be 12 an ETD at 130, be at the campsite at 3pm. The shortest menu for the a 15 man team,lunch sandwhich, 7 whole chickens all fried and Gin to go with it. The pre-climb happened in a bar across the school campus near the most expensive hospital. A week before that we had an official pre-climb meeting which was the shortest also, about 10 minutes but the drinking lasted till 4 midnight. For us,we call it detailed planning we know how much food and liquior to consume for the climb.

We were in full gear,all the provisions were there. Each one paid for their own ticket. Shared the food provisions, each carrying one chicken or one bottle of liquior.

While still in the bus, a thought slided through my brain,about old folks saying -birthdays bring a person prone to danger or some unexplainable event. One should never stray far from the house or danger will happen to the birthday celebrant. They also said Santa Claus is real. I guess, superstition and myths were popular in the old days because cable tv and broadband does not exist yet. The same that tv was not around in the old days that each family is like a basketball team, they have 7 to 13 children. When tv came it dwindled down to an average of 2.

The superstitious thought left my mind while continuing the trip. I am more occupied thinking this birthday will be a trip that will be memorable. All my closest friends were there. Nicest thing about it they are all mountain climbers -legitimate climbers.

I saw from a distance, the mountain shape like a girl lying down. The mountain is near and a cold breeze can be felt now. There was a drizzle, which is common in the month of June in this province . As we approached the State University's agricultural and biochemistry college which is located at the foothills of the mountain. I got more excited. As we get nearer to the jump off point. We felt more excited. Then we reached the jump off point. We disembarked and loaded up. Time for us to do what we best do-Climb.

to be continued......

(preview: a voice shouted from the left and right -the same voice,heard from two distant places. It was not an echo.The mountain was calling for me. I heard it called my name.....so much is running in my mind..the thought that the being of deception was present...)