Monday, August 13, 2007

She is the Girl.

Everyday, there are more people that seem similar in many ways. Features and color does nothing to make a noticeable difference. It was a wholesale of beings with similar face and one blind color. Nothing distinguishes anyone from each other.

Until some star chart drove one occasion that made me meet a very special girl. She was another pretty face but when she began to espouse her mind. She has a heart in her brain and a brain with a heart. She has the wit and the intelligence that combines a powerful personality of new age renaissance person. Intelligence she obviously picked up from the streets and has the faculty of scholarly developed consciousness.

It was a uniqueness, which captured everything that I held back for many years. I was trying to resolve the rush in my brain. Calculating what she has. Every word she uttered held my attention deeper. That sweet smile does not keep me fixed on her. Her mind is like a magnet. She is like a new creature in this ocean of perfectly cloned realm of creatures.

It was a long time since; I found a new star that shines. When I saw her brightness in distance. There was a blush inside that reminds me the sum of my despondency. The potential of getting another heart ache is evident. I was moving in a direction that will put me once again in a quagmire. I am drowning in my own emotion that will make things complicated. Nurturing a feeling will make it more complicated.

I might lose that eye for a bright star. I will lose that friendship. I will look funny. I began to miss her. She is really different and wonderful enough to be in my mind all the time. The distance is imperative. I am falling for her.

One day, I was in a bus traversing the distance from my office to a well appointed home. I had this epiphany that is growing in my mind. I was to propose to her. Knock on her window. Tell her every tiny emotion that I had inside. Even appear stupid by singing with action. I knew she will like those things (jologs). Then approach her and kneel down. To tell her that it is a one shot deal. It will be a hit and miss thing. If I hit it – it becomes big. I miss my lucky star- I lose it. I will turn my back and never to look back again. If you asked me to stopped and look back at you. It means you are giving me a chance. You will become my girlfriend.

After a while, I heard the bus stopped. I had to wake up in my sleepless dream. It works only in the movies. There are no cameras or lights. It was worse that there is no background music to make that scene romantic or emotional.

Dreams are cheap. I continued to dream again with my eyes wide open. This time she is in a white dress. I just put a smile on my face that even in my dreams I can make happy things happen. Anyway, I think of her and it makes me happy.

She is like happiness in flesh and blood. Dream is only an imagined reality. There in my dream I am happy because that is the only time I get to be with her.