Sunday, December 27, 2009

Leave Your Girl

One evening while I was looking thru my inbox. I saw an email from my best friend then. She left a desperate message of asking for help. She is so lonely and would like to die. Out of panic, I tried to call her but there was no response from her.I tried to buzz her thru yahoo messenger , no reply from her again. It was one of those feeling that left me scared and helpless. I knew she went thru times of separation and having a miscarriage. I was hoping to talk to her and give her hope.

Then after a few days she finally replied to my email and told me to call her. So, I called her and told her worrying on what happened to her almost killed me.She said it was one of those moments she wanted to die remembering that her previous husband left her for a prostitute.I told her not to worry anymore since everything will be ok. Now, that the husband is away and she is now officially a widow. She can start a new life again. She started telling me about her being fat and no one will her. There are fellow doctors who like her and courting her but she does not like her. I asked her what does she like. She said "nookie, I love you"..then she told me to leave my girlfriend in Canada and we become a couple. She knew that my girlfriend in Canada is going out with someone and it was easy for me to break up with her.

Look, who would not want a best friend for a girlfriend or a wife.We had the perfect relationship in hand, we have known each for 15 years.So,I told her that I also love her.She knew it and told her not to think of anything else. We are a couple now. She said " Really Nookie, you will never leave or