Saturday, December 26, 2009

Something to say

I was not able to publish anything on this blog for a long time. I lost my focus in writing,instead I dwell on other hobby that made me move around a lot. Although, I wrote a number of articles as a continuation of my earlier blogs. But somehow, it was a time when I knew that publishing it will not give us a time to heal and reconcile the problem. Something was telling me that a reconciliation may happen. Again, I was wrong.

She avoided my family and I ,every time we would call her and the clinic where she works. She is becoming to have that image of a professional criminal.A medical doctor who has cheated a best friend and lost the trust of many people. As I have told her earlier she and her family were deceitful and live on lies. Why not, all their lives they live on lies. As the father has other families, the mother pretended to be married to her father and carried the last name. The father has four families and the father is into cock fighting business and also a government construction contractor that was full of graft activities and corrupting government officials to win a contract. That is something that provided them their daily needs they got their money from unscrupulous way. I will not be surprise at this moment how the family has become to be a  dirty and greedy for money family.

Recently, we reached out to her father.The father said he does not want to do anything with them as the family is doing a lot of things that were not nice. Ah! What a liar. He is an expert in the art of lying it is not a surprise.My ex is a papa's girl and he was supporting my ex in all her shortcomings. One of the things that the father did and everyone in the family knows, was the failure of my ex in passing the medical board exam. She failed the first time but in her own words she told me that "papa already dealt with them and made the arrangement". After that, the next thing I knew she passed the medical board exam. Guess, that is the reason why her sisters never consulted her , when they are ill. The sister will take the  kids or any family member to another doctor. My ex will feel bad about it. If you knew that my ex's passing the board exam was just  arranged by the father who has so many government connections.I would hesitate as well to have my kids go to professional consultation.

Anyway,I will now continue to finish this blog. I will edit and publish the earlier articles that I wrote. Eventually, make a paperback copy of the blog and sell it. That way I get the money to pay for her loan and for the expenses that I incurred during my struggle in fighting this illness.

I am not yet in my best element to write. As I view this article, I need more time to get back to my prime  in creative writing.I will get back to that form soon and be prolific as before. I will finish this blog and eventually by that time I already  completely won against depression. Which is still getting in my system from time to time.